Dragonfly Pictures

Dragonfly Picture

Thought I’d quickly post this collage of new Dragonfly works that I have obsessively been painting on scraps of lovely paper left over from my Printmaking.

They have been great to do -mostly because I love depicting dragonflies whenever I can, on whatever I can(T-shirts ,Bags, Prints)

The first one is a dragonfly sojourn at midnight under a full Moon – kind of dark but I like that … and the black & white drawing is still a work in progress, so we will see how it develops. The bottom one is a Japanese-style watercolour painting on beautiful handmade Mulberry bark paper from Thailand – this kind of textured natural paper is really interesting to work on – it is not a watercolour paper so does not allow the paint to blend on the surface- more suited to quick line work. Here is an original for sale.

They were very popular during the Art Nouveau era as they are so stylistically suited to the flowing organic forms of Nature depicted by the designers of that time. Tiffany and Lalique have some of my favourite pieces of dragonflies- so inspiring !

I just wish things were made like that still, with care and great imagination; that’s why I have been slowly developing my own range of Art Nouveau Jewellery. -in honour of this forgotten era

thanks for looking – there will be some darker stuff coming soon….

11 thoughts on “Dragonfly Pictures

  1. Your dragonfly art is amazing! I love dragonflies, I’m passionate about them, actually! Keep up the beautiful work. Your fan in Texas, Roo

  2. Thank you so much! I’m brazilian, and I was googling some dragonfly drawings, when I’ve found yours. I dreamt about one of these tiny little animals, and did some research about them. Dragonfly means freedom, luck, challenge. Think I’m gonna tattoo it.

  3. …And Im from Denmark…and are also totally addicted to that beautiful creature…and the meaning of it…it has meant so much to me. My biggest dream is to get a beautiful painting for my new home…but Denamrk sucks at that because not many have that special feeling for it…the dragonfly I mean.
    Your paintings are SO dragging and beautiful…xoxo Hanne

  4. Hey thanks Hanne – they are beautiful creatures- and to surround yourself with them is a wonderful thing….I think it brings peacefulness and good luck !

    • Hii again Liza.

      Just came by our old posts…and wanted to tell ya that Im getting a full back tattoo with a dragonfly, lotus, buddha and some more…just love it….xoxo Hanne

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