New Mermaid Painting

“The Mermaid and the Sailor”

( drowning lovers under a sea of desire )

….I don’t think this new painting needs much explanation – still a bit to do to it but I am not sure where it is leading me – it is entirely watercolor and I am just moving with the flow and emotion of it, and loving the greens and pinks – very relaxing and sensual…

Painting mermaids is a fascination of mine, and has been since I was a child. I love collecting any unusual pieces depicting them, from all around the world. Sensual, magical water beings, they offer so much to the imagination of the artist wishing to capture their elusive beauty. Mermaids are for me the ultimate union of humans and nature- the beautiful maiden with a fish’s tail appears in many cultures throughout time.

To see more of my mermaid artwork, please go to my online shop.

12 thoughts on “New Mermaid Painting

  1. Beautiful. Passionate and serene all at once. Something I wish I could emulate. Ah well, maybe in my writing. I meant it about the pearl. I found it on Clerkenwell Road.

  2. That’s gorgeous. The colors you chose are so fantastic, so very water-like. I love the theme of this one, as well, of drowning in desire. You did a great job.

  3. Beautiful work ,my daughter is livinig in Sydney at the moment and has just sent me some of your fairy stickers and magnet back to the UK.She knew I would love them,she got them from Gleabe Market.
    warm wishes from England ,
    Louise x

  4. where do i get this painting. i love it, i live in the us and have found a new love for mermaid paintings but none untill now have struck my interest. As a child i stayed in a beach cottage and can remember a similar painting, but this does not compare in compassion and beauty.

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