Mud, Mojo Juju and a Fox.

That was Byron’s Bluesfest over Easter weekend – a strange mixture of crazy music, incessant water showering us from above, the darkest deepest mud you could imagine, and a lovely lady and her Fox.

True to Byron Bay style, it rained pretty much most of the weekend, which was still thoroughly enjoyed by the tens of thousands of music-loving people that came along for the show.
It was great to see old faces, and some new ones, too, and always, always the amazing spirit of Creativity flowing through the festival in smiles, chords and words of appreciation both in our stall and in the tents exuding an eclectic mixture of blues, roots, cabaret, jazz, rock and good ‘ole hillbilly trash guitar…

One of my highlights of both Woodford and Bluesfest was Mojo Juju & The Snake Oil Merchants.
Mojo herself is a gorgeously sultry blend of Bessie Smith, Billie Holiday and, well, just her unique self.
The rest of this incredibly talented band rollicks to her raucously emotional singing in dark cabaret submerged in a speak-easy sinister haze of jazz and boozy seduction.

This is their myspace site with music samples:

Check them out at a venue near you!

Our very good friends Troi and Daja have just opened a wonderful gallery in beautiful Bellingen on the north coast of New South Wales – Big Sky Gallery – featuring Troi’s stunning hand crafted semi-precious and precious stone jewellery and amazing original sculpture & art. They are selling a range of our artwork, too – a great honour!
Through them we met kindred soul Jack who makes a truly unique creation : Faux Fox Fur stoles.
As soon as I saw one of these wonderfully imaginative creations I had to have one.

His name is Jerome, taken from a certain character in The Might Boosh – those of you familiar with this brilliantly eccentric English series will know exactly who he is 😉 – Jack lines each fox, which she calls Familiars, with luxurious satin printed fabric (mine is a William Morris design). You can contact her on:


He will watch over us with his nocturnal eyes as we begin our slowing down of festival activity and journey into Autumnal creativity – imbued with fun and a slight edge of mania!

One thought on “Mud, Mojo Juju and a Fox.

  1. mania… treat it tenderly. Me, never quite got the mighty boosh. Hope autumn embues you with mulcy warmth.

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