Dachshund Painting, and other Animal Portraits

dachshund painting“Simon”

As I had mentioned in a previous post, I love to do portrait commissions.

I am currently working on this little painting of a Dachshund, done in a whimsical Folk art style, for an upcoming exhibition at my local art gallery. It is based on a wonderful dog my family owned called Simon, who loved to run outside and chase all sorts of creatures in his path. He was a very special pet, and this is my tribute to him.

I have done a few animal portraits in the past, and am always inspired to capture its spirit in a style that reflects its uniqueness. Here are some of them – and I do have a penchant for owls and cats! I do custom commissions for any kind of portrait, painting, tattoo design etc – please contact me if you are interested.


2 thoughts on “Dachshund Painting, and other Animal Portraits

  1. AS always, I love your work. My sister-in-law has a long-haired Dachshund and loves them.
    You might remember Surry Hills while you were over here. I went there yesterday and ther eis so much art. Just wonderful. Found this space that ‘s almost underground. It is a bit like a pop up shop with artists coming and going. Upstairs there is an amazing vintage clothing shop. They make a really good partnership. Its on Campbell Street just up from Crown Street if you remember the area. You woud love it!! xx Rowena

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