A Summer Butterfly Design! And 20% discount on Butterfly Art & Jewelry.

I’ve recently created this pewter butterfly moth jewellery piece inspired by Folk art and Art Deco. For the month of August I’m giving a 20% discount on these pieces and other butterfly inspired art!

Last year, I developed the concept of a stylized butterfly – moth hybrid design as seen in a previous blog post


I wanted a fun, quirky design that I could make into bracelets, pins, necklaces, chokers and keychains.



As with all my pewter jewellery pieces, this started life as a delicate wax carving, from a special hard green jeweller’s wax.

The rose coloured bits is wonderfully versatile repair wax that is used to fill in and fix parts of the sculpture: Wolf Wax 


The carving is then cast into bronze via the lost wax process into 8 master pieces.

Bronze is a very hard metal and withstands the vulcanization process of making the pewter silicone molds in the next step.



These bronze pieces were sent to my centrifugal / spin caster to be cast into the lead-free pieces. The spin cast circular mold is typically 8 inches in dimeter.


Once I received the pieces back, I assemble them into my various jewelry items:

Butterfly Moth Pin


Butterfly Moth Keychain


Butterfly Moth Bracelet


Butterfly Necklace on Chain


To celebrate my new butterfly design, and also the arrival of the beautiful Monarch butterflies to our area in North America, I’m giving a 20% discount on all my butterfly themed jewelry & art on my brand new website LizaPaizis.com.

To enjoy this discount, which is valid until the end of August, use code butterfly when you check out on my online shop. The discount only applies to relevant butterfly art & jewelry.


Thanks for visiting !

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