Leda and the Swan : a new watercolor painting

I have finally completed this painting, which I’ve been working on over the year. You can see its progress here. It is based upon Leda and the Swan , the ancient Greek myth of Zeus disguised as a swan who seduces the innocent mortal Leda.

Leda and the Swan

I wanted an African nuance, but ethereal too, with allusions to flight and feathers; the dreaminess of Leda’s imagination as she ponders Zeus’s love…This painting was done in watercolor on my favourite Stonehenge paper, with touches of gold paint, coloured pencil and ink.

Swan Maiden painting

I have gorgeous art prints for sale in my online shop, and the original is also for sale here.

Blue Sylph

I am obsessed by the colour blue. It almost rivals my hankering for all shades green.
I wanted to create a “Faery” painting imbued with emotional hue; to me, blue is the ultimate colour of deep emotion – and there are so many different types of blue, the essence of which is a primary colour and cannot be created at all by mixing other colours together.
Blue is often associated with sadness; in Greek mythology, the god Zeus would make rain when he was crying, and a storm when he was angry.
I see it as a very mystical, emotionally-saturated colour which ultimately has much strength to it. It is a beautiful colour to work with – deep and tranquil…

So, here she is – the longing Sylph, caught between earth and air – perhaps the butterfly is her yearning for flight, or it may be some other spirit of desire….You can purchase a beautiful reproduction of this painting here.



Owl Painting


I have finally found a way to paint with watercolours on stretched canvas that works for me, as I sometimes get a bit bored with conventional watercolor painting on paper. And it’s always good to paint something that is ready to hang in only a couple of hours!

I painted it fairly quickly while doing a few hours at the wonderful art & craft co-operative that John and I are members of – The Nook – here in the Blue Mountains.

It was a very spontaneous painting; I had been cherishing a gorgeous photo of an owl for many years from which I had been wanting to paint some kind of picture. It has been stuck to my cupboard in the studio waiting to be realized. We are lucky enough to receive occasional visits from what I think may be a Barking Owl – he sits on top of the clothes line and watches silently in the dark with his curious eyes…

You can purchase a gorgeous giclee print of this painting here.

Some New stuff before the Dark stuff

Just finished this painting of what I think may be a self portrait with a swan.

Again, Blue is the colour of a certain emotion…. we are both dreaming of something…flight, perhaps ?

It is done with watercolour, gouache and pen on a beautiful 100% cotton rag Italian paper -and I think one of John’s gorgeous recycled timber frames in white Federation moulding will be perfect for it!

Studies in Blue

Got the oil pastel and oil paints out to create the first picture “I Dreamed of Silk” – I was enjoying using wax resist again with watercolors and lots of blue. I scraped away textures and symbols into the paint – just experimenting with the medium whilst trying to capture a woman sleeping whilst dreaming she has the wings of a moth, and is kind of wrapped up in her sensual dream of silk.

Still working on it – I feel it needs more black around the wings, like night…

The next picture is rendered in pen, ink and watercolour on blue paper. Still seeing where it’s going. It is a lady of the lake, I think she is a seductress…I will concentrate more on her hair and the flow of it and the water around her. I always love drawing fish – their orange goes well with the overall blue.

Will put them up again here when I finish them!Silk Dream

Lady of the Lake