Unicorn Painting

This was my most recent painting for Redwhisper Studio. As some of you may know, I have moved back from beautiful Australia to my homeland of South Africa. John is still running the wonderful business we created together, only he is now the captain at the helm! He is also immersing himself in his music, and you can hear a selection of his amazing original songs here.

I am following my own artistic journey and will still be creating designs and paintings for Redwhisper Studio when I can. Please keep an eye on this, my website, for more of my original art, paintings, etchings, limited edition prints and jewelery designs as well as mixed media and other hand made items and ideas exploring soulful creativity, Archetype energy and the healing power of colour and symbolism.

This painting explores the essence and symbolism of the Unicorn archetype: guardian of innocence, protector and bringer of courage.

You can purchase a beautiful art print of this unicorn painting here.

Mosaic musings….

Recently I attended a mosaic workshop which is something I have always wanted to try out.
It was a whole day Saturday workshop run by the wonderfully creative ladies at Dish in Johannesburg.
I love the textures and colour expressive of this art form, and the hands-on experience really involves one with the media used.
Tiles are smashed or cut or delicately chipped into shapes and forms, mirrors are used with gleeful abandon as well as the odd cryptic word or symbol…
….and little surprises come out with the grout!

All in all it was a very satisfying workshop and the end result captured the mood of the moment.
The first attempt of what will definitely be many many more joyful experiences with mosaic!

Mosaic inspired the likes of Chagall (who actually used it in various commissions) and Klimt. Reminiscent of bygone archaic Byzantine art, it is perfect for capturing opulence and mystery in a highly decorative way.

The Sun & The Moon watercolor and acrylic painting.


This is my latest painting –  a departure of sorts from my usual style – it can be viewed from any angle and is a revisiting of a much earlier painting I did of the same theme.
I was imagining the flow that exists between men and women in spirit and in nature. The use of abstraction, motif and realism is deeply inspired by the symbolist and Art Nouveau art of Gustav Klimt.

As you can see in the pictures below, I pretty much knew exactly how I wanted this work to come out.

I used gold acrylic paint and patterns reminiscent of Medieval manuscripts which we had the fortune of viewing first hand in Melbourne last year.

The masculine & feminine archetypes that are expressed in this painting are lyrically described by John :

“The Masculine and Feminine revolve
through nature and life as one.
The Sun and Moon symbolize a great
power of love and balance.”

(john lionel robson)

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first stage : line-work and colour composition


second stage: filling in details


detail in the finished painting.