Life drawing

Today I did some life drawing with a model in a session attended by about 20 other artists. I enjoyed having to work fairly quickly, and I decided to use a mixture of conte pen and wash, blue wax crayon, and a 2B pencil. Figure studies are a great way to work on one’s technique and style, and also to interpret reality in a unique way…


For some time now I have been meaning to compile a sketch of things that have created some artistic ideas for me.

I’ll start off with an old painting of mine which I did nearly 10 years ago, while living in London…

I was walking around Covent Garden on my lunch break and popped into what looked like a small but interesting photographic exhibition down one of those alluring London alleyways.

The exhibition was of black and white photography by a young and very talented woman, Francesca Woodman .

I had never seen anything like what I saw in this gallery that day…it was visually so evocative and strange, yet dreamily familiar; it all resonated so strongly within me – especially since, at 22 years old, she was nearly my age when she took her own life…

Tragic, but also another facet of the incredible emotional power of her work.

I often struggle to put into words what moves me to create, and the symbolism contained within my paintings. It is equally as hard to express why another’s art moves one , but here goes :


Francesca Woodman: Space 2
Providence, Rhode Island, 1975 – 1976



Francesca Woodman: It must be time for lunch now 1979
25.4cm x 20.3cm

…and this is “Francesca’s Room”  – you can purchase a beautiful reproduction of this symbolist painting here.