Cat with Red Poppies : a new Original Painting!

I have a fascination with red poppies and with cats, and have often portrayed them together in little montages and pieces of art, but have never done a full painting of these two lovely themes together.

Here are the beginnings of a watercolour based painting that I have been working on, Art Nouveau style, with pigment inks and white gesso highlights. The paper I use is Stonehenge cream paper – great for mixed media and especially good for etching and watercolors. I painted a yellow wash with touches of orange for a base design of colours to set the tone for what looks to be a folk-art kind of painting.                                         ~ More photos as I go along !

Original Owl Artwork painted on Shakespeare’s verse

Recently I found a beaten up old edition – from the end of the Second World War – of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night (or What You Will) and the same day I rediscovered a little owl painting I had painted some time ago. You can see it here.

I was intrigued by the idea of placing this lovely whimsical owl over the delightful words of the great Bard, creating a mixed media original yet very affordable piece of artwork. The result is what you see below. Each creation has been hand painted with acrylic upon a different page of the play, over the original print. The colours are fantastically vibrant, with highlights of gold and silver pigment to further enhance this little ACEO collectable work of art.

If you would like it purchase one of these delightful original pieces of mixed media artwork, each one created individually costs US$7.50, plus shipping – please contact me!

New : Original Miniature Paintings / Hand painted Gift Cards

I have been very busy painting these beautiful little pieces of art, each a one-off original miniature painting : I have produced about 20 or so, a selection of which you can see below.

Some of them are inspired by Art Nouveau style artwork, reminiscent of the art of Odilon Redon, and also the stunning designs of William Morris of the Arts and crafts movement in the late 1800’s. Each one has been carefully painted on gorgeous silky handmade mulberry bark paper in vibrant watercolors with highlighted colors in pigment gold and silver ink.
The border has been uniquely drawn in a combination of silver and gold ink.

The paintings, measuring 4.5cm x 4.5cm (1 3/4 x 1 3/4 inches) have been mounted on stiff coloured card which actually opens up and can be written inside, so this makes an ideal and very collectable all-in-one gift !

You can find a range available for sale in my Etsy online shop here: Small Original Art for Sale  ~~ or you can simply click on the Permalink below each image to find out more details and see a larger image…

Contact me if you see something below that is not for sale there…and thanks for looking!

Mermaids in Atlantis Painting commission Completed!

Here is the completed painting. It has been such a wonderful experience doing this commission: thanks to my patrons for their creative support encouragement!  Here is a shot with my Dad who helped my with the construction of a shippping box and a large board on which to paint. It measures nearly 2 meters x 2 meters (6 foot x 6 foot) and has been painted in acrylics. See the posts before this one for a step by step journey through the painting process.

Here are some detailed shots, and you can purchase a beautiful print of this painting here in my Shop

Mermaid Painting Commission – final stages

The painting is nearing completion now, and I have added much detail and flow to the composition.Below is the painting in its entirety, and once finished it will be rolled up, carefully packed and shipped away to be stretched onto a frame ready for hanging. I will post the final photos very soon…..

My New Online Shop is up and open!

~ I have recently opened my little online shop ~

Here I have for sale internationally many of my original paintings which John at Redwhisper Studio sells as prints, gift cards, magnets, and I am also selling my lovely limited edition etchings of cats, owls, lovers, fairies and nature spirits. I am also experimenting with quirky, nature inspired totemic jewelry – earrings and necklaces.

Check it out here: Liza Paizis Online Shop

“Pink Poppies” Original Miniature Watercolor Painting

can be purchased here

John L Robson debut c.d: Spade and the Boxman

John’s powerful and original music speaks for itself…. he has been writing at an extraordinary pace and will be doing a gig up here in Katoomba on Saturday October 3rd at Blackburn’s Hotel.

Come along for a great night of original music from many mountain musicians!

He has just released his first studio recording called “Spade and the Boxman” recorded by Eliot at songcavestudios in the Blue Mountains, Australia.


Here is a selection of his songs as MP3′ s ~ just click on each one to listen :

John L Robson “Wild Wind”

John L Robson “She’s Everywhere”

John L Robson “Francesca’s Room”


– if you would like to contact John about his music please  visit his MySpace page:

or email him:


“Wild Wind”

~ words and music John Robson 2008 ~


I hear the father in the wild wild wind

I feel his hand on the back of my skin

I see the sky forever foreboding

So is this a storm or a welcoming call….

There are shadows on the streets tonight

Silhouetted souls moving from the light

Trees are dancing as a wind drives through

So is this a storm or a welcoming call….

It’s a wild, wild wind

It’s a wild, wild wind

All God’s children are asleep tonight

Their eyes are closed but hearts are open

While I’m up howling at smoke and mirrors

and is this a storm or a break in the clouds…

It’s a wild, wild wind

It’s a wild, wild wind…