Exploring Sculpture

I have been attending sculpture classes here in Johannesburg with the wonderful Marina Walsh. She runs classes and also produces uniquely designed sculptural items for the landscaping, interior décor and game lodge markets. Her website is Marina Walsh Designs.

My first attempt at portraiture was this Bird Spirit head; what started out as a simple head study soon became a totem-like exploration of both the human head and the clay. It was fun to do and I hope to get more practice with this type of expression in 3D, which is quite a challenge after working in a painterly 2D format for so long…

We were able to sculpt from a live model which was so rewarding; she sat on a rotating platform while the class stayed still, so that we sculpted the clay as she rotated in 10 minute intervals, resulting in a surprisingly effective way to render a life study in clay! You start of with a stick figure roughly modeled into the model’s pose, then work the figure while looking closely at the model as she rotates before you. My figure turned out to be rather Rubenesque in her curves and demeanour…

…I am thoroughly enjoying Marina’s classes..so more to come including some quirky tile and crockery designs !

The Owl House

I am currently on an extended stay in my home country of South Africa, re-connecting with my family and taking in the exquisitely vibrant countryside for inspiration and new developments.

I stopped off on our travels around the beautiful Eastern Cape province into the tiny and little known township Neiu Bethesda in the dry Karoo region. The only reason one would do this is thanks to an incredibly visionary woman called Helen Martins. This amazing but extremely isolated outsider artist lived here up until 1976 when she took her own life due to her failing eyesight and subsequent struggle to realise her creative urges.

Her life here was made known by the wonderful South African writer Athol Fugart in his play (and resulting Hollywood film) The Road to Mecca. Helen left a treasure of art and imagination in her tiny home and backyard, some of which can be seen in the photos below. It is now called The Owl House.

What captivated me the most about her ethereal realm was the care and vivid imagination that went into creating it. She lived this creation every day; she slept and dreamt within its luminescent walls and smiling, whimsical faces of the creatures she had conjured up from cement, wire, beer bottles and pieces of discarded ephemera…and then she gave them life and showed them to us.

Thank you dear Miss Helen for such a joyful gift from such a lonely but inspired heart….