New Mermaid Painting-3 stage progress

Aqualina Mermaid Painting

This is my new mermaid painting “Aqualina” – I have been experimenting with wax and gouache and this is what came of it !

It is a very illustrative and stylised painting, very reminiscent of Art Nouveau Era graphic art- especially that of Alphonse Mucha.

The wax was interesting to use; I just laid it down spontaneously in different areas (picture 1) to capture a watery feel, then started to paint over some more with watered down gouache. I love the opacity of gouache paint – it is really good for more graphic kind of work.

I thought it would be lovely to have a mermaid in an underwater realm surrounded by sea creatures – seals, jellyfish and even 2 Blue ringed octopus (on the finished painting).

She is listening to the sound of the waves above in a shell while the little fish whisper in her hair….

You can view the finished painting and my other mermaid designs/jewellery on my website:

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