Having fun with Tattoo Design

The reason I have not posted for ages is because I have found a new creative passion : Tattoo Designing!

I have been designing tattoos for people on and off for over a decade now, but since moving to America,  I have found that this versatile and very personal art from suits my artistic style perfectly. In the past, tattoos have often been associated sub-cultures, but these days many people get tattoos to commemorate the loss of loved ones, or to mark an important event in life, or as a personal statement.



I have been learning a lot about different styles, and have tried my hand at a Japanese style Koi design for a half sleeve.

koi tattoo sleeve

I love doing any design work, and welcome any commissions for tattoo designs – I am always very honoured to custom create a permanent piece of art for someone’s body.






6 thoughts on “Having fun with Tattoo Design

  1. I’m not into permanent tatoos myself but if I was wanting to put some art on my body that lasts a lifetime, I would definitely choose one of your designs. Your artwork is so beautiful. Best wishes,

  2. I’ve found the most fun being a tattoo artist is the artist part.
    Picking designs from a book has become such the norm but actually designing a unique piece for someone I find that that is really a part of myself I’m giving to someone.

  3. I agree coisart! If you’re going to get a tattoo, it will be with you for the rest of your life, so it should be deeply meaningful to you, and what better way than to get it custom designed by an artist? i love doing this kind of design work, as you say, it’s like giving a part of oneself in the creative process 🙂

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